Shooting simulation provides real life training

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - The Richland County Sheriff's Department teamed up with Precision Tactics, a firearm and safety defense training company, to help prepare people to be physically and mentally prepared in the event of an active shooter.

Precision Tactics provided a free simulation training at Saint John Baptist church Saturday to mimic a real-life active shooter scenario, and what to do if you're ever in one.

The active simulation allows for people to feel the adrenaline of what it would be like if a real attack occurred by taking participants through a high-intensity scenario projected on a large screen.

Charles Christie, owner of Precision Tactics, said they want to train people they love the most and decrease the loss of life in the event of an attack.

"This is as close to the real thing as you're going to get," Christie said. "Especially for security teams at churches which is a big thing right now, we want them to be tacitly aware and we want them to be able to handle the situation at a tactical advantage of how am I supposed to interact?"

They start with the basics, by going over grip trigger control, target acquisition, and "shoot, don't shoot" situations to help people understand when to apply force and to correctly use the firearm.

Golie Augustus, who attended Saturday's event said, "We're not living in the same society we once lived in many years ago. Things are changing rapidly and we need to take more of a proactive approach."

What makes this training different from others is that it allows for people to feel the emotional and mental response that would happen given the situation.

Jacques Gilliam also participated in Saturday's event and said, "It was definitely a stressful experience cause I don't shoot guns but I definitely approve of them in a safety way."

The company believes in training anyone with a firearm to be safe and responsible in a high-intensity situation.

"We got to make sure that our training reflects real-world situations," Augustus said. "We can stand at a target and fire as many rounds as we want to in the chest of a target, but what's going to happen when your adrenaline hits the flow during real-world situations. Are we going to be as accurate?"

Christie says they are the only company to offer this type of training and is available for armed and unarmed security teams.

Training services may make you eligible for discounts on insurance.

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