Police say this woman crashed into three men and immediately left the scene

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Columbia Police Department arrested a female accused of injuring three men during a hit-and-run incident in the 400 block of Wildwood Avenue on Saturday night.

Adriane Kempinski is accused of hitting the victims who were on the side of the road assisting with a broken-down car. She is charged with hit and run involving great bodily injury, two counts of hit and run involving minor injury, three counts of failing to render aid, driving too fast for conditions, and no driver's license.

Neighbors on the street expressed their disbelief in the events that occurred after one of the victims' vehicles stalled on the street late Saturday night.

"All of a sudden we see a car flying down, cause we already saw them working on the car, we see a car flying down the road, I'd say probably going like 40/45 mph," Clarence Richburg said. "It hit the jeep and then all of a sudden we're like oh snap they wrecked, then we heard someone say ahhhh."

Richburg lives next to Maurice Roberts -- one of the victims struck by Kempinski's vehicle. Maurice is known for helping people, especially when it comes to cars.

Maurice and one other person went outside to help the victim who stalled. All three had to be taken to the hospital when Kempinski crashed into them.

Police say Kempinski drove away from the scene and later turned herself in to police.

Maurice's wife, Vanessa Roberts, was very shaken up by the crash.

"I don't know. Something just told me to look outside, so I went to the door and I see a lot of flashing lights," Vanessa said. "I thought I heard my husband calling out. You know I heard him hollering. I started crying. I couldn't do nothing but cry. That's my husband. And you know he always tried to do good for people all the time."

Vanessa said Maurice is dealing with hip and leg pain from the incident, and is expected to be released from the hospital on Sunday.

The two other victims were not seriously injured.

Kempinski remains at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.

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