Superintendent to students: don't make bogus shooting threats

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Veronique Pack's morning began with a sinking feeling when her son texted her something that's every mom's nightmare: "Mom, I'm scared."

"I was very hurt, really, you know, for my child that, you know, I couldn't defend him, you know, and, you know, my chest started hurting really bad," Pack said.

That's where Pack's son is a freshman. That's why Pack rushed to the school to pick up her son.

"There was a long line of parents at Westwood. They were all concerned about their kids," Pack said.

Deputies have since said the threat wasn't credible, and they've since arrested the alleged tweeter.

"This is not a joking matter. This is not a laughing matter. This is very serious," Pack said.

This case of a bogus threat is one of half-a-dozen in the Midlands since the school shooting in Florida. Sumter County, Lexington Two, Fairfield County, and Kershaw County have all had to investigate similar threats.

"When an investigation comes up, we have to follow through," said Chief Deputy Jack Rushing.

Last night, Rushing had to stop what he was doing when a SnapChat threat against Lugoff-Elgin High School was forwarded to him. He said several of his deputies – who could have been patrolling neighborhoods for crime – spent hours investigating the bogus claim.

"It bothers me that the law enforcement resources have to be, you know, put in this direction, because like everyone else in local government, they're strapped for resources," said Dr. Frank Morgan, the superintendent of the Kershaw County School District.

Morgan wants his students to listen up.

"Your actions have consequences," Morgan said.