Sheriff: Check your teens' smartphones. They might be sending ch - - Columbia, South Carolina

Sheriff: Check your teens' smartphones. They might be sending child pornography.

(Source: WIS) (Source: WIS)

The Kershaw County Sheriff's Office is asking parents in the area to check their children's smartphones as the "disturbing trend" of underage sexting has become a serious problem in the county.

According to the sheriff's office's Facebook page, underage girls in the county are taking suggestive photos of themselves and sending them to their boyfriends. But it doesn't stop there.

"These young male friend are forwarding these pictures to their buddies," the post said. 

But, according to the sheriff's office, the female subjects are just as complicit in these cases as the males.

"For us to follow the letter of the law, both the underage girl who takes the obscene photo of herself, the boy who transmits it and then all the boys who possess it are in violation of child pornography laws," the post said.

So, Kershaw County sheriff's officials are suggesting a two-fold approach: educating teens on proper smartphone use, and checking teens' smartphones.

"This behavior has to stop and the best way to stop it is for parents to be parents," the post said. "Not all kids are involved in this. Some might be thinking about it so sit them down and nip this problem in the bud!"

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