A military father who had been deployed for a year got the chance to surprise his son at school

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It's been a year since MJ McLeod has seen his father, a staff sergeant with the U.S. Army.

But the young Hammond School student got the surprise of his young life on Friday during what he believed to be just an assembly to discuss a dance marathon with his fellow students.

You see, SSgt. Marquadealsandro McLeod is home. His first stop? Hammond School.

The younger McLeod was brought before the assembly and asked about his hero. Of course, MJ replied that his father -- hidden and waiting in the back of the gymnasium -- was his hero.

That's when the magic happened. Sgt. McLeod appeared and MJ ran to embrace his son in the sweetest moment you've seen today.

So, SSgt. McLeod, what did you think when your son said you were his hero?

"I didn't he was going guess who it was but I'm so proud for him believing, and thinking I'm his hero," SSgt. McLeod said. "I try to do everything I can to be proud of me, to be a role model, a mentor, so I'm really honored to be his hero."

"He's one of my friends, he's my Dad, he takes care of me when I'm hurt," MJ said. "And he takes care of me when I feel sad, he makes me feel happy and he cheers me up. He's confident, and he's considerate to me, because he is more nicer to me than anyone I've ever seen in my life."

Have fun, guys.

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