A Midlands doctor is training for the troops

(Columbia) August 20, 2005 - One Midlands doctor is trading in his scrubs and stethoscope for a bike and a pair of running shoes in an effort to help our troops overseas.

For six months orthopaedic surgeon Kevin Nahigian has been biking, swimming and running to prepare for an ironman triathlon.

All together it's a 140 mile journey. The triathlon includes a 2 miles swim, a 120 mile bike ride and then a full marathon.

He's done it before, but this time every step he takes will help raise money for the Fallen Patriot's Fund. The fund is set up for the families of soldiers killed or injured in operation Iraqi freedom.

Nahigian says while it's been hard to train in this blistering heat, he is motivated by the spirirt and sacrifice of men and women fighting in the war. "They're incredible heros doing incredible things, that's what ironman is, incredible men and women doing extraordinary things, I look at my kids and these people are out protecting men and woman the least we can do is help their kids."

The iron man will be held on september 11th in Wisconsin.

Dr. Nahigian's goal is to raise $20,000 for the fallen patriots fund.

With less than a month to go, he has raised less than half of that.

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