SCDOT releases latest completion dates for roads still out because of 2015 flood

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(WIS) - A fishing trip - or any trip - has turned into a bit of a hassle for Thomas Neeley ever since October 2015.

"It was pretty nerve-racking. I was nervous. It was too much water. I mean everything was getting flooded out here," he said Thursday morning, as he worked on his boat outside his home near Wilson Boulevard.

Nearby – back in October 2015 – a full Lake Elizabeth helped cut a hole in Wilson Boulevard several miles north of I-20. As a result, Neeley and so many others must detour every day.

"It's very aggravating because we have to detour around behind Lake Elizabeth just to get back around – all the way back around there – when we could have just driven several blocks to get there," he said.

Fortunately, the South Carolina Department of Transportation is the in process of rebuilding the damaged portion of Wilson Boulevard. It should re-open at the end of April. SCDOT says the project was more challenging than some.

When the Lake Elizabeth Homeowner's Association finally decided to abandon its dam on Wilson Boulevard, SCDOT has to reroute a stream.

Of course, Wilson Boulevard is just one of 17 roads across the state still out of commission because of the historic flood. Over in Lexington County, Cherokee Trail should be fixed by the end of June. SCDOT says the project of building a 45-foot bridge should be fairly straightforward.

Additionally, work should begin on several other projects soon. Now that homeowners have funded a new dam over Cary Lake, the department will soon start work on Arcadia Lakes Drive East.

That project should be completed by fall 2019.

Neighbors in that area are hoping that date will hold or that work will be completed sooner. Since the flood, some of those homeowners would have been stranded from the mainland if not for a private, narrow driveway between two homes.

Additionally, SCDOT expects to reopen Community Pond Road near Eastover by fall 2019. It expects to reopen Spann Road in Saluda County by this summer. Community Club Road in Calhoun County should reopen by this fall.

However, there are 10 other projects that don't yet have a start date or a finish date. SCDOT says dam owners must take action before it can fix those roads, which include Drawdebil Road, Durham Drive, and Wilton Road in Lexington County; Arcadia Lakes Drives, Millbrook Road, Overpond Road, and Rawlinson Road in Richland County; Church Camp Road in Calhoun County; and Gunter Road and Old River Road in Clarendon County.

"It's a complicated situation when you're dealing with a private dam and a publicly-owned road, so we've tried very hard to work with dam owners for them to make the repairs necessary for us to restore the road," said South Carolina Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall.

Back along Wilson Boulevard, Neeley said the end of April - and a fixed road - can't come soon enough.

"To me, it's just literally stupid, and everybody should be mad about it," he said.

Of course, 17 roads is a much smaller number than SCDOT started in October 2015. The flood caused 541 bridge and road closures.

The below document is SCDOT's infrastructure recovery report as of February 2018.

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