My Take: The Amtrak-CSX collision and the Midlands' response

My Take: The Amtrak-CSX collision and the Midlands' response
A look at the Amtrak train collision in Cayce, SC. (Source: WIS)

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Early Sunday morning, disaster struck in the Midlands.

An Amtrak passenger train crashed into a stopped CSX freight train. That horrific collision in Cayce left 116 people injured and took two lives.

Over the days and weeks to come, much more will be discussed what led to the crash and where the blame falls.

But right now, we want to focus on the response to the tragedy. Just for a moment, imagine yourself in the position of those passengers that cold, dark morning.

You are awakened from a sleep and find yourself in shock, in pain and in a place totally unknown to you.

That's a feeling of helplessness no one should have to endure. But that was the situation for the victims. And when they had nowhere else to turn, first responders were there.

First responders were there to provide comfort, guidance and critical support. And as the victims began arriving at Palmetto Health hospitals, they were met with staff ready to assist.

What could have been a catastrophic situation was handled with the utmost care, professionalism, and organization.

It is reassuring to see the speed and precision of hospital workers in action. They will tell you that they were just doing their job, but that makes it no less appreciated.

And let's not forget the response from the surrounding community. At Pine Ridge Middle School, we saw teachers and students come in early Sunday morning to turn the school into a shelter.

Those ordinary tasks of passing out snacks, sorting through luggage and even writing letters made a huge difference.

It's those moments that show us the true good-hearted nature of mankind. Right now, we ask that you join us in thanking those who were there to help when it counted most.

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