911 caller from fatal SC Amtrak-CSX collision: 'There are babies on here bleeding out their head'

LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WIS) - WIS has obtained the 911 recordings of people calling in after the fatal Amtrak-CSX train crash that killed two Amtrak employees.

Five different calls were released to the public, including calls from multiple passengers.

One caller, an Amtrak train passenger, described the scene to a Lexington County 911 dispatcher.

DISPATCH: 911 Lexington County - state the address of your emergency. 
CALLER: Um, we're on the railroad tracks one stop ahead of Savannah, GA, there are babies on here bleeding out their head – a lot of people hurt somebody needs to come on. 
DISPATCH: Are you on the train? 
CALLER: Yes, we're on the Amtrak train about 10 minutes ahead of the Savannah stop and there are babies with their heads busted wide open bleeding, it's crazy - we need help.

Other callers were not as calm - one call from an Amtrak employee details the frightening emotions of those on board.

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