Doctor: 2 still in critical condition but other patients are 'very lucky'

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Palmetto Health Richland Dr. Stephen Shelton provided an update on the patients involved in the Amtrak-CSX train crash that occurred Sunday morning.

Palmetto Health received 62 casualties total. Six of those patients are still in the hospital.

According to Shelton, two out of the six admitted patients are currently in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit.

Two other patients are in serious condition and are being monitored closely by doctors.

Those in more serious conditions experienced organ and brain injuries.

One patient is in fair condition and the other is in good condition. None of the patients' conditions have gotten worse and Shelton says he is optimistic that they are doing better.

"They were very lucky, the majority of the casualties were minor injuries," Shelton said.

Shelton says that the victims arrived during a hospital shift change, making it easier to hold onto staff members and get additional ones in quickly.

"We had a lot of dedicated individuals. We have to give a big thanks to them and the care they provided," Shelton said.

Shelton went on to explain that it was not a busy night in the emergency department. Hospital staff members were able to make room for incoming patients by discharging some and utilizing alternate care units. An environment controlled tent has been in use on Palmetto Health's campus to provide extra space for patients with the flu. Spaces like that were used in this event as well.

Shelton said that emergency response is very fluid and that the hospital is prepared to handle emergencies.

Amtrak reportedly provided a representative to help discharged patients make their next steps.

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