Facebook activates safety check in feature in wake of deadly train crash

CAYCE, SC (WIS) - Facebook has deployed a safety check-in feature in response to Sunday's deadly train crash in Cayce.

The feature works by telling you if your loved one is in the area via geolocation technology. People who are in the affected area can also use it by letting their family members know they are safe.

The feature was most recently used in our area for Hurricane Irma.

Here's what the safety check-in offers:

  • Ask friends in the area if they're safe: If you know people near the affected area, you can ask them to mark themselves safe.
  • Raise money: Create a fundraiser to help people recover from this crisis. Invite friends to donate and show their support too.
  • Donate to a fundraiser: Show your support with a donation. Every little bit can help.
  • Offer help: If you're nearby, let your community know if you can offer supplies, shelter, volunteer work or other types of help.

Stay tuned to WIS News 10 for continuing coverage of the crash.

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