Mizzou's AD says he's 'moved on' from allegations against Dawn Staley, Gamecocks fans

Tanner 'confused' by allegations made by Mizzou AD, Staley focuses on UConn

COLUMBIA, MO (WIS) - As the simmering controversy over Sunday night's Missouri-South Carolina game continues to boil, Mizzou's athletics director has spoken out further on the issue.

Appearing on ESPN 101 in St. Louis, Mizzou AD Jim Sterk told host Bernie Miklasz that the Tigers have "moved on" from the controversy over Sunday night's scuffle between Mizzou and South Carolina women's basketball players.

"I don't mean to dodge on this at all, but we've got a great game against Mississippi State tonight -- the No. 2 team in the country -- and kind of in the words of that famous philosopher Forrest Gump: 'That's about all I've got to say about that.' We've spoken to people. I've said my piece, and that's all I've got to say about that."

Two players fell to the floor during Sunday night's 64-54 Gamecocks victory as they tried to take the ball from each other, but emotions took over as the pair traded shoves. Fellow Mizzou and Gamecocks players rushed to break the two apart as coaches from both teams ran onto the court as well to defend their players.

But the scuffle was one part of the story. The story became more about fan conduct -- alleged spitting and racial epithets -- from South Carolina fans and Sterk's response to it on a radio show.

South Carolina Athletics Director Ray Tanner defended Gamecocks fans and coach Staley. 

"I'll just say, surrounding the situation that we've had to deal with the last few days, I was very confused," Tanner told the media. "I felt very strongly about what we stand for here at this university and women's basketball, our fan base, our head coach, and the way we handle our business and have handled our business over the years.

"Some things were said that were very confusing and we had an incident, so-called, that we needed to check out. We did. We did not find evidence or confirmation that that happened, but you do have things happen in your stadium from time to time that doesn't involve players or coaches, but we address those and, as I said, we didn't get any confirmation on that either with seven people that were very closely involved in the situation."

Staley has also denied that she "promoted" the kind of atmosphere alleged on Sunday night.

"The accusations are serious and false and they will be handled in a manner reflective of those facts," Staley said.

The Gamecocks take on the top-ranked UConn Huskies on ESPN at 7 p.m.

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