SC politicians, groups react to President Trump's 2018 State of the Union address

SC politicians, groups react to President Trump's 2018 State of the Union address

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WIS) - A number of South Carolina politicians and political groups gave statements after President Donald Trump's first-ever State of the Union address.

Sen. Tim Scott

Tonight the President shared how America is open for business. We were able to pass a once-in-a-generation opportunity – tax reform. As the President mentioned during his speech tonight, this monumental accomplishment has produced amazing results. Over 3 million workers are receiving increased benefits, and 90 percent of Americans will see bigger paychecks. This is great news for single mothers, young entrepreneurs and hardworking Americans who want to simply provide for their families.

As we look for more ways to strengthen our economy, it was great to hear the President also talk about workforce development and trade policy tonight.

Sen. Lindsey Graham

Rep. Joe Wilson

We can all be grateful for President Donald Trump's achievements in promoting peace through strength abroad and creating jobs and economic opportunity at home during his first year in office. President Trump has stood up to the dangerous regime in North Korea and encouraged our troops to seek victory, resulting in significant progress in defeating ISIL terrorists.

South Carolina Democratic Party

The President thinks that the values of America are about the flag, not the liberty that the flag represents," said South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Trav Robertson. "It's the same inability to recognize the value for the symbol that makes Henry McMaster a hypocrite when he calls himself a Christian and a defender of an adulterer with a pornstar for a mistress. South Carolinians know the difference between self-righteous fools and honest people.

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue

President Trump's unifying address to the nation recounted this administration's impressive achievements in its first year, which have strengthened the economy for all Americans, including those who do the important work in the agriculture sector.  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is already helping workers and will allow agricultural producers to invest more in their operations and their own families. President Trump's optimistic vision for the nation includes massive investment in infrastructure, which will be a boon to a rural America that sorely needs such improvements. The president's emphasis on fair trade gives me confidence that he will strike deals that benefit all parts of the American economy.  Additionally, his focus on eliminating burdensome regulations is freeing up agricultural producers and removing obstacles to productivity. This is a president who has rural America and agriculture close to his heart, as his words and deeds clearly demonstrate.

More to come.

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