Man's social media threats to River Bluff students end with 15 days in detention center

LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WIS) - A Lexington County man accused of making threats online against students at River Bluff High School will spend 15 days in the Lexington County Detention Center after pleading guilty.

Lexington County officials say Christopher Raines, who is also known by his online pseudonym "AJ Blues," pleaded guilty to unlawful communication.

Raines also posted a series of videos on his YouTube page showing himself shooting a bow with explosive arrows while making references to putting students in body bags, officials said.

His threats continued. On a post dated Sept. 17, Raines said, "This week's prediction: RBHS students killed this week while committing crimes on private property," on both his Facebook and Twitter pages.

Raines was arrested the next day.

He originally requested a jury trial but instead opted for a guilty plea on a lesser charge and lesser sentence.

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