Staley: "I thought officiating did a great job" sorting out scuffle with Mizzou

Dawn Staley talks win over Mizzou, matchup vs. UConn

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Just over 24 hours after South Carolina defeated Missouri 64-54 on Sunday, Gamecock fans were still buzzing about what happened between the two teams in the first quarter.

The Tigers and Gamecocks got into a tussle during the opening period attempting to grab a rebound with a little over two minutes left in the opening period.

"I've watched it a lot," Staley said when asked how many times she watched the replay of the scuffle, "and I look at Twitter to see how people react and respond to the scuffle. And a lot of people see it a lot of different ways. I saw it as, you know, maybe two players got tied up and no one wanted to give up the ball. So, they both held on to the ball equally as hard and I think Alexis (Jennings), the stronger of the two, won that battle. So, she kind of flung the Missouri player over her and I think she got a little bit heated because (Jennings) flung her over her and happened to hit her."

Afterward, players shoved one another before order was restored. The scuffle resulted in a delay that lasted about 15 minutes as officials attempted to sort out what happened in the altercation and who may have come off the bench during the event.

"I thought the officiating did a great job at kind of looking at the film and seeing where they needed to go," Staley said.

That delay would end seeing two Missouri players being ejected from the game for leaving the bench area during the quarrel.

"I don't even know if some of our players left the bench," Staley said, "but we didn't have that luxury of that camera angle. If one or two of our players came off the bench, then they probably deserved to be out of the game as well. But the officiating could not see that part of the footage on the camera."

You can see more from Coach Staley in Judi Gatson's Facebook Live video below.

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