'Get off your [expletive]:' Senator's tweet kicks-off busy week of emotionally charged debates

'Get off your [expletive]:' Senator's tweet kicks-off busy week of emotionally charged debates

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - South Carolina Senator Marlon Kimpson (D-Charleston) tweeted to his constituents on Monday morning a rallying cry of sorts that's kickstarted a busy week at the State House.

"Get off your [expletive]," he tweeted.

Kimpson aimed to have his constituents make noise against looser gun laws, as one Constitutional Carry bill would create.

Constitutional Carry, which would allow for handguns to be carried in South Carolina without a permit, is just one hot-button issue set for debate this week. There is also the ongoing nuclear debacle, texting and driving, and prison contraband up for discussion to name a few.

"They should have a test. If you want to carry a gun, they should have a test and teach you how to use a gun and what you're carrying it for. If you're carrying it, that means in the event that something happens, you're going to use it," Columbia resident Jay Price said about Constitutional Carry.

However, a GOP Senator and one of the bill's sponsors Katrina Shealy (R- Shealy) says people shouldn't need a permit to practice their Second Amendment right.

Then, there's also a bill up for debate on the House side that would add penalties for texting and driving. Representative Bill Taylor's (R- Aiken) bill would slap a $100 fine on a first offense, then 2 points on a license and a $300 charge for each offense after that.

"I think texting and driving is the craziest thing that ever happened to the highway. It's the worst thing that we can do. It's so easy to get into an accident because you're looking down at somebody who's text," Price said.

There's also the question of lowering some electric customers' power bills. Should people stop paying for the nuclear reactors at V.C. Summer that will likely not be built? There may be an answer this week.

The Senate bill to cease the added 18 percent charge for the reactors is set for discussion on Tuesday. The House could also debate their bill to repeal the Base Load Review Act.

"Now if you were going to build this reactor and produce electricity that could help in the long run, yes. But if you're not - you get what you pay for. And if you're not getting anything, you shouldn't have to pay for it," former V.C. Summer construction worker Harriet Davis said.

There's another bill filed by Senator Tom Davis (R-Beaufort) that would also require electric companies to preserve the reactors' site in Jenkinsville. Two former employees told WIS they want that to happen.

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