My Take: Gov. Henry McMaster's first State of the State address

My Take: Gov. Henry McMaster's first State of the State address

(WIS) - Governor Henry McMaster stepped before legislators - and the eyes of all South Carolinians Wednesday night.

In a message seen live on WIS, he laid out his goals for the new year.

Topics included school choice, tax cuts, the opioid epidemic and offshore drilling, an issue in which the Governor finds himself at odds with President Trump.

A significant amount of time was also dedicated to an issue that has dominated headlines since last summer - the fallout over the failure of the VC Summer nuclear project. 
"The customers must either get their reactors or get their money back," McMaster said.

It's a sentiment shared by fellow lawmakers and the customers who continue to foot the bill for the project that will never be completed.
What isn't so clear-cut - how to handle the fallout.

The governor is clearly against the Base Load Review Act, a law allowing utilities like SCE&G to raise rates repeatedly.

Dominion Energy is looking to purchase SCE&G and SCANA, but without the law staying in effect, that deal may not happen. 
"We're fine with rolling back that law with any future projects but if a project has been done under the basis of that law and money's been invested under the basis of that law then to undo that would be a real challenge for us," Chet Wade, VP of Corporate Communications at Dominion Energy said. 
So, where will it end up?

It's not clear yet. But If the State Of The State address is any indication - the future may not be with Dominion.

You owe it to yourself to stay informed on the issues - and how our leaders plan to handle them.

We also encourage you to read responses from Governor McMaster's opponents in the upcoming Gubernatorial race. And we will continue to share the latest developments on the issues that affect us all.

That's My Take, What's Yours?

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