Midlands veteran, family, gifted with mortgage-free home

Midlands veteran, family, gifted with mortgage-free home

CHAPIN, SC (WIS) - A Midlands family is moving into a brand new house dedicated to a wounded veteran.

U.S. Marine Sergeant Keith Turnbowe, and his family, are now celebrating their brand new, mortgage-free home in Chapin, SC.

This is the 139th home dedication for a veteran through Operation Finally Home.

Tumbowe served two tours in Iraq, and in his first, his vehicle was directly hit by an I.E.D.

It was later found to have caused a traumatic brain injury.

"For me, it felt like, I still, don't feel like, worthy still, that I've gotten this house for me and the kids, because my life wasn't really as perfect. But I feel blessed, and it's just heartwarming that I got to see the home, and got in the home finally, and got to provide my kids with something I never got," Tumbowe said.

The family found out about the home back in September in a surprise. thinking they were arriving for an interview. They were actually arriving for a groundbreaking ceremony for that home, that's now complete.

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