Comedian Steve Brown says he will not be 'the Guinea pig' to SC comedy club's security woes

Comedian Steve Brown says he will not be 'the Guinea pig' to SC comedy club's security woes

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The comedian attacked at Columbia's Comedy House says changes need to be made at the club, but the love for his Columbia fans remains unchanged.

Steve Brown says he feels bad about the incident as it pertains to his Columbia fanbase. He said even after the attack, he stayed in the lobby and signed autographs for his fans.

"It makes me feel special," Brown said.

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He says he loves his fans and loves coming to the city - but he says right now, he'd never perform at the Comedy House again.

"You had people that really wanted to see this show - people hitting me up saying 'Man, I really wanted to see the rest of the show.' And that makes you feel bad," Brown said.

Brown, 50, had a conflict with the answers given by both the Richland County Sheriff's Department and the club's management on their security.

He said his injuries - a sprained shoulder and a cut on his arm - and are healing and he's trying to work on moving forward.

But the comedian said he will not be the "Guinea pig" in this incident. He said other comedians are not happy with how things happened at the club.

Brown also mentioned that he was paid for his performance, but his pay was docked. He says club management told him the reason was people left because of the attack and didn't pay their tabs.

"The response of why I was docked was absurd," Brown said. "'[The club explained that] people walked out and didn't pay their tabs and you didn't get off [the] stage.' OK...If somebody is acting a fool in the club and he's tearing the whole club up, and you're with your wife, the first thing you're going to say is 'bump these chicken wings, I'm out! I'm not going to have you around it. Any person with common sense is going to do the same thing."

He also said customers didn't have faith in the club's security to stay to see the rest of his show. He said the club needs licensed and professional security moving forward.

The Richland County Sheriff's Department says the now viral video helped with the arrest of Marvin Toatley, 28.

Sheriff Leon Lott said in a press conference Wednesday that Toatley became enraged by some harmless jokes comic Steve Brown told at his expense.

Comedy House General Manager Peter Hamlett said the video doesn't tell the whole story because it doesn't show the lengths two guards in street clothes went to try to get Toatley under control.

But Hamlett also laid some blame at Brown's feet, saying he "absolutely" stoked the flames of what happened.

Brown says he doesn't wish any ill will to the Comedy House, but he said he's not to blame for Toatley's behavior.

"The only thing that I want to apologize for is what happened. I wish it didn't happen," Brown said. "As far as taking the blame for it, that's not going to happen. It's as simple as that."

In response to Brown's claims to his pay being docked, the Comedy House released this statement:

The owner of Comedy House says Steve Brown was to be paid $1,600 for seven shows, but because of the winter weather, Wednesday's show was canceled the day before, and as a result, his pay - and others' pay - was cut accordingly. Brown was paid for Sunday's show despite what happened. However, a bonus to Brown was canceled.

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