Brush up on how to brush your pets' teeth

Brush up on how to brush your pets' teeth

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - February is around the corner. So learn today the practices you need to put in place for your pets' dental care. Dr. Wendy King is with Spears Creek Veterinary Clinic and says it is vitally important to make dental hygiene a regular practice.

February is the month to really commit to your pet's dental care. In fact, some veterinarians will discount their rates for a cleaning so be sure to check with him or her about the cost.

But the awareness month is not the only time to focus on practices. Dr. King emphasizes that dental care should be put in place to help your cat or dog have more than fresh breath.  For example, that smelly odor you now smell when giving them kisses could be a sign of a serious health risk. And that hidden issue has the potential to damage not only your pet's teeth and gums, but your pets' internal organs too.  Bad breath could be a sign of something worse going on in your dog or cat.  Red gums and discolored teeth are the initial signs you'll see that your pets' teeth need a good scrubbing.

Dr. King also wants you to know about special foods that will clean your dog's teeth. There are greenies, as well, that clean teeth but those have a lot of calories. A toothbrush and special pet toothpaste work best. Once a day is best; once is week is better than never. Be sure to use pet-friendly toothpaste that doesn't have fluoride.

Largo, the Chihuahua mix in Dr. King's segment, is up for adoption through Fostering Foster located in Camden. You can reach that rescue organization at 803-900-0369.

The baby goat, Miss Piggy, also is up for adoption to a family who can give extra care to her as she is blind. Direct your questions about the baby goat to Spears Creek Veterinary Clinic in Elgin at 803-708-3232.

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