What does the government shutdown mean for the Midlands?

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It's the biggest headline coming out of our nation's capital and it's having effects here at home.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill continue to look to find enough votes to pass a Senate spending bill and end a government shutdown. The shutdown became official at midnight Saturday after senators failed to pass the spending bill putting thousands of federal workers on furlough - meaning they will not show up to work Monday.

Currently, there's a lot of uncertainty with just how big of an impact the shutdown will have on the Midlands. Reports say millions of active-duty military in the US could have to work without pay as the shutdown continues.

WIS reached out to officials with Fort Jackson and McEntire Joint National Guard Base but have not heard back from them. Officials with Shaw Air Force Base said they have no comment on the shutdown.

Thousands of federal workers, including those here in the Capital City, will be placed on furlough and won't show up to work Monday if an agreement isn't reached this weekend. The last time the government shutdown in 2013 CNN said about 850,000 government employees were furloughed each day and experts said it could be a similar number this time around.

The government shutdown did close military bases in the Midlands back in 2013 and left federal buildings in Columbia empty for more than two weeks. However, WIS' Jenna Cisneros talked to some Midlands residents who said they aren't worried about a shutdown this time around.

"I don't think much about it because it happened last time when Obama was elected the government shutdown so I guess it's just natural that it happens again. I have thoughts that are scary about other things that are happening right now but not about this," Columbia resident, Donna said.

"My dad worked in the Army, we don't think it's a big deal. The government will keep on functioning the way it should be," Columbia resident, David Windsor said.

Some stronger reactions came from South Carolina politicians with some even going as far as giving up their Congressional salary until an agreement can be reached.

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