Be wary: Fake job postings can cost you money

(WIS) - The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs is warning job seekers in the state to examine all job postings clearly before you fall for a scam.

A recently-reported scam to SCDCA's Identify Theft Unit, a consumer was asked to buy computer equipment with her own bank account. The scammers asked for the job seeker's bank account number, saying they would direct deposit the funds for the equipment into her account.

The woman lost more than $4,000.

While there are plenty of real jobs available, look for these red flags when you're job hunting:

  • Requests for financial account numbers. Consumers should avoid providing financial information for a potential job. Employers don’t ask for sensitive payroll information until the employee is actually hired.
  • Payment of fees. Legitimate employers don’t ask prospective hires to pay up front for certifications, training or background checks in exchange for a job.
  • Requests to deposit a check. Scammers may ask a consumer to deposit a fake check and return part of the money using a wire transfer service. If the check is bad, the consumer is responsible for replacing the money.
  • Something seems “off” about the job or company. Do some research.  Look up the company and contact them directly to verify the posting. Avoid using the contact information provided in the job posting since the individual may be impersonating the company.

If something seems suspicious or too good to be true, walk away.  Promises of quick and easy money are often more trouble than they are worth.

Scam reporting is an important step in helping SCDCA empower consumers to recognize and avoid scams. For more information on reporting and avoiding scams call 844-TELL DCA (835-5322) or visit, then click Report a Scam.

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