City council approves temporary speed bump for Rosewood neighborhood

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Some Columbia area residents are about to get some temporary relief from the speeding in their neighborhood.

WIS first brought you the story last month, when speeding concerns intensified in Columbia's Rosewood neighborhood.

This past Tuesday, Columbia City Council approved a measure to install a temporary speed bump on one of the neighborhood's roadways.

"I hope folks in Rosewood will go look at it, drive over it so we can gauge its effectiveness," said Rosewood Community Council President, Mike Miller. "And if they're like 'hey that's cool,' maybe we'll put them in all over the neighborhood."

The temporary speed hump will go on Airport Boulevard, near S. Holly Street. While Airport Boulevard sees many speeders, Miller said the biggest problem areas are off S. Holly Street and S. Bonham Road.

The problem – both S. Holly and S. Bonham are state-maintained roads. Traffic-controlling measures cannot be put in place until the road is reclassified and no longer a major connector road, which bars the city and the community council from implementing stop signs, speed bumps and other measures.

Airport Boulevard is a city-maintained road, so council was able to deal with it right away.

"A four-way stop signs, raised pedestrian walks, speed humps," Miller said. "It's just gonna be a matter of coming to a good compromise that something will work and people will like."

Those problem areas will also have to undergo extensive traffic studies after the roads are reclassified, which could take anywhere from 6 months to a couple years, according to Miller.

Another factor is the upgrade of Memorial Stadium in Richland's School District One, which sits right off S. Holly Street near Airport Boulevard.

"It's gonna be great for the stadium," Miller said. "They're gonna put $4 million into it, but a lot of residents are worried about traffic and noise there."

According to a spokesperson for Richland School District One, renovations for the stadium are set to be complete sometime next fall. That means the clock is ticking for a fix before more cars are added to the neighborhood's roadways.

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