Who runs the world? Beyonce as a Christmas tree topper

Who runs the world? Beyonce as a Christmas tree topper
(Source: Women To Look Up To)
(Source: Women To Look Up To)

(WIS) - Want to adorn your Christmas tree with a "Woman To Look Up To?"

That is the aim of a nonprofit organization out of the United Kingdom that desires to showcase female role models and promote equality for women.

"We act to inspire, motivate, and lift every woman up; In our empowerment programs, innovative product development, and much more to come," their website says.

Not only can you get Beyonce, but a Serena Williams and Hillary Rodham Clinton tree topper are available. An online poll is also active for a fourth tree topper. Selections include former first lady Michelle Obama, Adele, Meryl Street, Lady Gaga, and Elizabeth II. The announcement is forthcoming.

"She isn't just a chart-topper, now she is a tree topper. Queen B is 3D sculpted in all her singing glory with mic and angelic wings," the description reads for the Beyonce item.

And yes, for you Americans reading this - international shipping is available. Each tree topper costs €80.00, or about $94.40 in U.S. currency before shipping.

Sarah Powers, one of the group's co-founders, told the Women Uncensored podcast that the inspiration for these pop culture-relevant tree toppers was to grow past the mundane.

"Last Christmas, whilst decorating the house, my sister Chelsea, her boyfriend, and I got chatting about the frumpy, old Angel that barely hangs off the top of our annual Xmas tree," Powers said. "We just felt uninspired by her, like she was a bit of a forgotten figure, even as a Catholic family, we didn't really understand why it was such a tradition in the first place to have this outdated representation of a woman on top of your tree. So, we, with the help of Chelsea's boyfriend Dom and our incredible design team Duzi Studio all came together and thought, there's something in this, this can be a vehicle for change, to start a conversation. A Christmas campaign to educate and make a difference."

You can also purchase holiday cards with various women as well.

For more about Women You To Up To and the nonprofit behind it, click here.

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