Residential streets off Rosewood Drive are hotspots for speeders, residents say

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A residential Columbia area has a problem on its hands, according to some residents.

If you spend just 10 minutes on South Holly street off of Rosewood Drive in the Rosewood area of Columbia, you'll notice people are driving fast. They're not just driving a little fast, they're driving well over the 30 mph posted speed limit.

"People drive crazy around here,"  S. Holly Street resident Sheryal Bennett said.

Bennett, 69, has lived on the road most of her life and spent much of her childhood just across the street at her grandparent's house.

"This is home to me," Bennett said.

But recent events are shining a dangerous light on the area. Just before Thanksgiving, on Rosewood Drive, a drunk driver hit a USC student riding a moped, killing him.

Less than two weeks ago, a car flying down South Holly Street smacked into a parked car, sending it several driveways over. The driver's car caught fire. He was injured but lived.

"It's scary because it's so close to home," Bennett said. "I come out here and looked, and all I'd seen was big, old fire going."

A couple streets over, Peter Mayers sits on his porch watching the fray from a side street. He says this has been an issue for 20 years around here. Different types of traffic bring different types of cars and motorists through this residential area.

Some residents suggest speed bumps, others suggest a heavier police presence. WIS reached out to the Columbia Police Department about what they're doing to make sure that area is secure.

They say they are hearing residents concerns now, but historically this hasn't been an area of concern for them with speeding. CPD will be patrolling the area this week – keep an eye out for distracted drivers, seatbelt violations, and speeders.

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