USC unveils 2 plaques dedicated to contributions made by slaves - - Columbia, South Carolina

USC unveils 2 plaques dedicated to contributions made by slaves to build campus

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The University of South Carolina held a special ceremony on Tuesday honoring a painful past in order to build a stronger future.

Two plaques were unveiled at USC’s Rutledge Chapel on Tuesday. The plaques were dedicated to the contributions enslaved Americans made to building the campus, which was known then as South Carolina College.

“From this day on, two beautiful and strong markers will visibly and forever pay tribute to their circumstances and their labors but whose spirit is as every bit as strong as all other departed persons in the history of our university,” said USC president Dr. Harris Pastides.

The ceremony was created nearly 18 months after the Vision 2020 protest. During that protest, students presented USC officials with a number of demands, including a request to provide a more accurate account of the university’s history.

Now, visitors who walk along the historic Horseshoe will see the markers and learn about the slaves who worked to build South Carolina College. They will also see where slaves were once housed on the campus.

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