Two young men accused of killing store owner quiet, soft-spoken in court

SUMTER, SC (WIS) - Both 17-year-old Sincere Dinkins and 19-year-old Larenzo Hagood seemed to have sober looks on their faces when they stood before a magistrate judge Friday afternoon for a bond hearing inside the Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center.

The two young men, both from Sumter, are accused of a gruesome crime.

"He was a father – a father will always be a father, support. He was our number one support system. He'll always be remembered," his daughter said after the hearing during which neither suspect received bond.

Patel's daughter was in the courtroom, along with her brother and other family members, as the two suspects murmured quiet 'yes' and 'no' answers to the judge.

"It's unbelievable. They're like kids – 17 and 19. We're still shocked like, 'How can they carry weapons?' It's terrible," the daughter said, who asked not to be named.

Patel's daughter wouldn't say what she thinks their punishment should be, where she'll go next, and whether or not her dad's store will reopen. However, what she did say was "thanks" – to the community that flooded police with tips and to the officers who locked up the two suspects in less than a week.

"Personally, we all thought this would take months or years, but this only took five days and that was all because of Sumter Police and the community," she said.

Meanwhile, across town, a friend of Patel and fellow business owner Kenny Black hopes the Patel family will someday have closure. However, he's still puzzled about why the crime happened and why two young men are the suspects.

"Wish I could have gave them a job," Black, who operates a car-wash, said. "Wish I could have given them something to do. And I'm pissed. To be honest, I'm pissed. Because, you know, they Afro-American, and that doesn't represent us."

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