'Dismayed at the reported remarks' victim's advocate speaks-out on powerful Congressman's comments

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Congressman from South Carolina, Jim Clyburn, is calling on his peer John Conyers to resign amid sex allegations.

But criticism is mounting not just on Conyers, but on comments Clyburn made about the accusations and the women who have come forward.

When speaking with crime victim advocates in South Carolina on Thursday, one women's rights advocate declined to go on the record, in fear of getting on Clyburn's bad side. But another feels his remarks try to distract from bad behavior.

The Congressman from South Carolina is drawing criticism for remarks on sex allegations on his peers.

"I'm very dismayed at the reported remarks," Laura Hudson with the South Carolina Crime Victims Council said.

Reporter: "Other men in other industries have faced similar accusations and have gotten out of the way, resigned, stepped down, far faster than he has right?" 
Richmond: "I don't know you're going to have to give us some examples." 
Reporter: "Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer…" 
Clyburn: "Who elected them?"

"We do expect our public servants to be a cut above and to behave better," Hudson said.

A New York Times Magazine reporter says Clyburn pointed-out to members and staffers that all the accusers against Congressman John Conyers are white women.

"I do think that anything that says this may be racist or this may be a black and white issue, takes away from the real issue which is about power," Hudson said.

Hudson, a crime victims' advocate says elected officials should be called out for what she considers bad behavior, just as those who work in the private sector are - and those accused should resign.

"Because it does nothing that brings down the individuals that are serving in the Senate and in the House, it brings the notion that they are somehow or another special, that they deserve more bad behavior than other people," Hudson said.

On Thursday, Clyburn called for Conyers' resignation, as did the House Speaker and Minority Leader. Conyers' attorney says he will not resign because allegations should be investigated first.

"You're dealing with two different entities. In corporate America, there is no due process," Attorney for Rep. Conyers, Arnold Reed said.

Clyburn's office confirms he wants Conyers to resign, saying he would "save" his constituents by doing that.

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