SC animal rescue raises money for pit bull kept from euthanization by vet

(Source: Suzy Blocker)
(Source: Suzy Blocker)

ROCK HILL, SC (WIS) - A South Carolina pit bull rescue and a Rock Hill veterinarian are the guardian angels of a 5-year-old pitbull who was almost euthanized.

Suzanne Blocker, the vice president and co-founder of Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue says Deebo was surrendered at Lesslie Animal Hospital after his original owners could not afford her vet bills in October.

"He knew Debo could be saved and go on to live a healthy life," Blocker said.

The veterinarian, Dr. Jonathan Setzer, called Blocker and told her of Deebo's plight. Instead of being euthanized, he wanted Deebo to have a second chance.

"Deebo was brought in emaciated, with horrible eye and ear infections, and heartworms," Blocker said. "The owner wanted to euthanize him. Knowing these were all things that could be treated and the dog would recover, Dr. Setzer called to see if we'd consider taking the dog in under our rescue. We couldn't say no!"

Once under their care, Blocker says the rescue began fundraising for his treatments. She raised more than $1,000 in just a few hours.

"Debo stayed at Lesslie Animal Hospital for a couple weeks while we networked for a foster home for him and he received treatment," Blocker said. "Deebo had to have several drains placed and was on multiple medications. We found a wonderful foster for him, Kristen, that agreed to get him back and forth to all his appointments and care for him."

Kristen has helped Deebo regain his health and he's now back to a reasonable 68 pounds and will be ready to adopt in a few months.

"Deebo would do great in any home, he is friendly with other dogs, indifferent to cats, and is a huge snuggle bug," Blocker said. "He thinks he is a lap dog!"

In addition to helping save him, Dr. Setzer and Deebo have become fast friends, also helping Deebo's journey get lots of attention on social media.

If you would like to work with Carolina Big Barks Big Hearts Rescue or would like to donate to them, click here. In addition to donating to CBBBH, people can help by donating to their local shelters or volunteering to foster rescue animals in need.

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