Before you fry your turkey, here are a few things you should know

LUGOFF, SC (WIS) - This morning, fire departments in the Midlands are not only wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, but when it comes to cooking, a safe one as well.

There are many different ways to cook that turkey and that includes frying, which can be dangerous if not done properly.

It's one of those things that firefighters at the Lugoff Fire Department say you have to watch closely. The tips include completely thawing out a turkey and not putting water on a turkey frying fire. Instead, use an ABC fire extinguisher.

Lugoff Fire Marshall Will Catoe also says oil used to cook the turkey normally needs to be around 350 degrees.

"Don't put it in your garage or under your carport, or on a deck, put it outside in a wide open space," said Catoe. "They will overfill the pots with oil, and we don't want to see that."

The fire department hopes this will make people pay attention.

"As soon as you put the turkey in, if it overflows, it will catch fire within a couple of seconds," said Catoe.

They put the frozen turkey in and a flame shoots up. It's a flame that could be a lot worse.

"It's supposed to be a day of being thankful with your family, having a good time and we'd love to see you, but not for a fire," said Catoe.

Catoe says education is key. There are plenty of resources online to show you how to properly fry a turkey and professionals who will do it for you.

The National Fire Protection Association says it's estimated fire departments responded to more than 1,700 thanksgiving home cooking fires in 2015

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