Congressman Ralph Norman talks about tax reform in Washington

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Tax talks in Washington take center stage in the Senate after the Thanksgiving break and President Trump hopes the GOP tax plan will pass what he calls a "Christmas gift" for Americans.

There's been praise and criticism of the major tax overhaul proposed.

One goal in the plan is to keep business in America, by lowering corporate taxes on them. Some families would pay less tax, too.

There would be fewer tax brackets, no estate tax after death, but most deductions will go away— which means no deduction for things like owning property, or a mortgage, or college tuition.

Critics fear the fate of the middle class in 10 years under this plan, when some cuts expire.

But Congressman Ralph Norman from Rock Hill says that's part of politics, it's attached to the bill so it will pass.

"We've got over 280 bills that have sat, and that they haven't acted on. We didn't want this to happen with tax reform. With the healthcare which was not successful, this we're hoping is successful. And I think in 10 years when it comes up if we're successful, if it works the way we say it is, then I think it will be reauthorized," Congressman Norman said.

Norman believes the deal would create jobs, and lessen debt. He thinks it will pass before Christmas.

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