Cancer-fighting foods can help in the battle against the disease

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - There are a variety of foods out there you can eat that can help in the battle against cancer.

The focus at St. Mary's Episcopal Church on St. Andrews Road was to help those in the Breathe Easier Club, a lung cancer survivor group, learn about cancer-fighting foods.

Lung cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in South Carolina and is also the leading cause of cancer deaths.

The presentation explained why certain foods fight cancer and how our diets can lead to maximum health.

"Fill your plate half full of fruits and vegetables, and to look at me as more of an accompaniment," Kathleen Mercer with the the USC School of Nursing said. "And to look at I want to meet serving as smaller, less red meat, no processed meat, and then also including whole grains. So the American Institute of Cancer Research talks about the 'new American plate' and that if people would eat that way, we would see our diet containing more of the nutrients we need and more of the cancer-fighting phytochemicals."

In addition to the College of Nursing, the Breathe Easier Club receives support from the Lung Cancer Alliance and Leeza's Care Connection.

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