Photographer photoshops Channing Tatum's head on body of client' - - Columbia, South Carolina

Photographer photoshops Channing Tatum's head on body of client's ex in family photoshoot

(Source: Starling Photography) (Source: Starling Photography)
(Source: Starling Photography) (Source: Starling Photography)

It pays to have friends that are photographers. 

That's probably how Keri Gray Dryman feels about her friend Kirsten Mackie of Starling Photography. 

"Keri was a client first, and then a friend," Mackie said. "She’s used me for all of her photography needs over the last several years and we have become pretty close friends!"

Dryman took a family photoshoot with her kids and her now ex-husband before their break-up. 

Mackie says that as she was getting the photographs ready and it sparked an idea. 

"She and her ex [husband] had recently decided to call it quits, for good, and she was so upset that he was in every one of them," Mackie said. "I jokingly said, “I should just put Chris Hemsworth’s face on his!' And so it began! I don’t think either of us realized I was serious! Lol But I’m so thankful I could help brighten her night a little!"

After discovering that Channing Tatum was actually Dryman's celebrity crush, she went to work and photoshopped his head into all of their adoring and loving pictures. Her post says: 

What do you do when your best friend splits with her SOS, right after family photos?
Well... You do whatever you can to make her happy. ((And Channing Tatum, just so happens to make her happy.)) You also give her new family photos, to look at!

((Okay seriously... Do NOT judge my photoshop skills. This was much harder than I anticipated! lol!!))

Naturally, the post is starting to get the attention of an internet that is never silenced. 

No word on how Jenna Dewan Tatum feels about her actual husband being used as a prop, but with these circumstances, she probably doesn't mind. 


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