The mystery tenant from the viral SC Zillow listing says home is falling apart

CAYCE, SC (WIS) - You may remember the viral Zillow listing that identified a Cayce home for sale with a mysterious tenant, later identified as a 70-year-old man living upstairs.

Randall McKissick was the mysterious tenant that came with a home listed for sale in May. But now he says he can no longer stay.

He says he moved into the home after falling on hard times, and with the owner being a family friend he was told he could stay rent-free.

Now he says he's falling on even harder times.

"I needed, I guess, a decent place to stay," McKissick said. "One of my daughters had been in touch with one of the sons of the owner and all of a sudden they lost communication and we didn't know what to do. I mean, the house is wonderful, beautiful old house but it's fallen apart and I can't afford to fix it."

He'll soon be moving to an apartment building in Five Points, but he's also worried about his health.

"I've lost track of everything – time and anything - but I just found out I got dementia," McKissick said.

He says the diagnosis scares him, and he's afraid of losing his talent.

"I hope to God I haven't lost the painting,"  McKissick said. "That's all I know. That's all I've ever done."

You may recognize his work. It's on display at every Rush's restaurant location. McKissick's artwork can be found all over the world according to one Midlands magazine.

Eventually, he says he hopes to get back to it.

"With the latest news, it's like creativity is just drained out of me," says McKissick.

He says he plans to be moved into his new apartment in the next couple of weeks. No word yet if the house will be listed on Zillow again anytime soon.


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