Renegade squirrel cause of large 40-acre fire in Pelion, officials say

PELION, SC (WIS) - The cause of a fire in Pelion that scorched more than 40 acres and $11,000 worth of damage was caused by a squirrel, a South Carolina Forestry Commission official said.

Doug Wood with SCFC says that a squirrel caused the fire on Jewell Boone Road in Pelion on Wednesday. No one was injured, but the fire started when a squirrel was running power lines and touched a grounded pole and was electrocuted, which caused sparks to fly and catch the ground below on fire

The $11,000 worth of damage includes hay bales, tools, and vehicles on the property.

Residents who live nearby said when the fire began, they lost power. A fire supervisor started walking the line and found a blown transformer and the squirrel.

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