UPDATE: Contractor left conflicting speed signs confuse drivers traveling on I-77 SB

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Here is something that could potentially confuse drivers who travel on I-77 southbound.

The signs in question come just before the road construction in the southbound lane of I-77 near mile marker 23. The sign on the right side of the road reads 45 mph, while the sign on the left side of the roadway says 55 mph.

SCDOT Construction Engineer John Burns says the signs were erroneously left in place by a subcontractor. The subcontractor is not is not directly tied to SCDOT, Burns said, but work under the primary contractor for the project who was hired by SCDOT.

The correct speed limit in this stretch of I-77 is 55 mph unless there is a lane closure in a work zone.

As Burns explained, in this case, there previously was a lane closure in the work zone and the temporary 44 mph sign was put out but accidentally left up when the work was completed.

He says this has been an issue for the last few days and they will be working to do daily checks to make sure this doesn't happen again.

As far as a speeding ticket in the area, Burns says highway patrol is aware of the laws and believes if disputed, any ticket given out in that zone would almost certainly be dropped. He says SCDOT is in constant contact with highway patrol about these issues.

Advice to drivers? Report the speed limit issues to SCDOT.

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