WATCH: Charismatic Southwest Airlines flight attendant gives entertaining safety check before take-off

(WIS) - For anyone who's ever flown, the safety check is a key part of the flight.

But you've probably never had a pre-flight safety check as entertaining as what Samantha Lynch Kintner captured on Nov. 9.

Kintner says she was aboard Flight 1597 on Nov. 9 from Dallas to Las Vegas when there was a stop in Albuquerque, NM, where the demonstration took place.

"Everyone thought he was hilarious," Kintner said. "He was funny throughout the flight."

Even the flight attendant narrating the instructions for passengers giggled from time to time as her colleague made grand gestures while demonstrating how to use the devices on the plane.

Southwest Airlines called their flight attendant, Nicholas Demore, one of their many valued employees.

"Our Employees are known for their fun-loving attitudes, and we love that he has created such a lighthearted and memorable experience for Southwest Customers!" a Southwest Airlines spokesperson said via email.

Thousands of Facebook users also enjoyed the video, giving it more than 22,000 views.

Demore says he loves bringing folks happiness and that's why he performs at such a dedicated performance.

""With what is happening in today's world, people need to smile more and that is why I do my fun safety demo. Every passenger has a story, and you never know what someone is going through on a day-to-day basis," Demore said. "Their travels can be taking them on vacation, girls weekend, or a golf trip, but they could also be going to see a friend in the hospital, to take care of their elderly parents, or even a funeral. I love being able to make them forget their troubles or enhance their trip just by being me, and Southwest lets me bring my personality to my job."

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