Midlands veterans concerned over program coming to an end

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Some veterans in the Midlands are concerned that a care program they rely on for everyday life could come to an end this month.

WIS took their concerns to the VA's director, who said the decision to end the program is about oversight and there will be other assistance available. He said last year, 75 veterans under the program cost $1.9 million - and so this decision came at budget-time, to streamline things.

"Where I can ensure that every veteran is receiving skilled oversight by a medical professional, that we keep documentation to see exactly when care is being provided, how it's being rendered, and we can make true sound decisions that are beneficial for the veteran moving forward," David Omura, the Medical Center Director at the Dorn VA Medical Center said.

Some veterans say they're still worried they won't get as much help as they have now, but the director said they will.

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