Dashcam video released of SC state senator's DUI arrest

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The Highway Patrol has released the dash-cam video showing what happened at the scene where state Senator Paul Campbell (R- Berkeley) was arrested for driving under the influence. In the video, you can hear what Campbell says happened.

The dash camera records from the moment troopers arrived at the scene along I-26 in Charleston County, to the drive from the site to the Charleston County Detention Center. At the scene, all parties admit Campbell's vehicle rear-ended the crash victim's car. But stories on who was driving Campbell's car differ.

Trooper: "Did you drive at any point this evening?"
Campbell: "No sir…I did early on, downtown."
Trooper: "Have you driven since you left downtown?" 
Campbell: "No sir."

The crash victim, Michaela Caddin, says otherwise, that Campbell was the driver- and not his wife.

"I wanted to let you know that when he pulled up there, they swapped seats," Caddin told troopers.

Campbell says his wife was the driver. You can't see their vehicle from this video- it's parked in front of the victim's car, a jeep. But after a failed sobriety test, when Campbell doesn't perform a heel-to-toe, straight-line walk by the trooper's standards, he's cuffed and escorted into the patrol car.

"I want you to go ahead and turn around and put your hands behind your back. I'm going to place you under arrest for driving under the influence," the trooper said.

In the car, the conversation continued.

Campbell: "I'm sorry to put you through this."
Trooper: "This is my job. No need to apologize."
Campbell: "Well, the lady was just wrong. Vicki jumped out of the car, and I jumped out and said 'get back in the car.'"
While in the car, Campbell insisted to the trooper he thought he may be at a .03 or .04 blood-alcohol level, because he'd been at a Clemson football party downtown. But the trooper's crash report says he blew a .09 later.

The dashcam footage of a South Carolina state senator's arrest on a DUI charge over the weekend has been released by the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

This is the video the Department of Public Safety released to us just this afternoon. The video shows vehicles pulled over after the crash when troopers say Paul Campbell rear-ended a woman in her jeep on I-26.

Campbell insists he was not the driver and that his wife was. But the crash victim claims she saw him switch seats with his wife after he pulled over behind her.

Troopers believe he was the driver, too - you can see in the video, Campbell's sobriety test. He's told to walk heel-to-toe in a straight line for nine steps…and doesn't follow instructions.

After that, he's handcuffed and placed in the patrol car. There, he tells the trooper he doesn't think he's DUI level, and that the crash victim is wrong about him being the driver.

According to troopers, once breathalyzed, Campbell registered a .09 blood-alcohol level. He was released on bond the next day.

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