Poll: Southerners OK with economy, but unhappy about nation's direction

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A new Winthrop Poll finds residents of 11 Southern states including South Carolina pleased with the nation's economy but uneasy about the country's direction.

The poll surveyed 830 residents by phone.

Among the findings, Southern black residents are more likely than whites to be religious, but less likely to believe America was founded as an explicitly Christian nation.

Respondents of all races said overwhelmingly that all races should be treated equally and the U.S. should work to protect its multi-cultural heritage.

But both whites and blacks appear unsettled about their safety and position in the country.

Asked if white people were under attack, 46 percent agreed or strongly agreed. Eighty-one percent of black respondents agreed or strongly agreed that minorities are under attack.

Half of the respondents strongly disagreed that marriage should only be allowed between people of the same race.

Asked to identify the most important problem facing the nation today, 7.7 percent said racism, 7.2 percent named politicians or government, 6.8 percent said Donald Trump, 5.2 percent the economy, followed by lack of healthcare and immigration.

While more than two thirds said the nation's economy is very good or fairly good, 63 percent say the country is headed in the wrong direction.

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