Netflix is the target of a 'relatively well designed' email scam

Netflix is the target of a 'relatively well designed' email scam

(WIS) - An email scam that appears to be targeting Netflix customers is floating around, and here's what you need to know about it.

The scam, first published by the Australian tech blog MailGuard, calls the scam "relatively well-designed" with the scammers taking the template of Netflix and mimicking it perfectly. It tells the customer that their accounts have been suspended and that you have 48 hours to reset their membership.

That would ruin a lot of Netflix and chill sessions - but it's a scam, so stay vigilant.

"With the detailed data the fake website form asks for: address; credit card details; driver's license; mother's maiden name; etc," MailGuard wrote on Nov. 3. "The scammers could potentially execute an identity theft and gain access to the victim's bank accounts as well as their credit cards."

According to Statistica, there were 109.25 million Netflix subscribers worldwide in the third quarter of 2017.

The fake email sends you to a fake Wordpress website that the customer enters their information in.

Netflix addresses a number of suggestions and FAQs to protect your account security. You can find it here.

"We know you care about the security of your Netflix account. So do we," the streaming service says on their website. "Whether you received an email from us encouraging you to change your password or you've noticed suspicious activity, here are our top recommendations for keeping your account and personal information safe."

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