VIDEO: Midlands man says reflex made him headbutt arresting officer, faces additional charge

Andrew Campanelli. (Source: Fairfield County Detention Center)
Andrew Campanelli. (Source: Fairfield County Detention Center)

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, SC (WIS) - A Winnsboro man claims a reflex caused him to jump in the air and headbutt the officer who put him in handcuffs.

A SLED report states that Andrew Campanelli claims the officer twisted his handcuffs and made him have that reaction. Surveillance video from the Fairfield County Detention Center shows the incident from Oct. 8.

Campanelli, who was originally arrested for third-degree assault and battery, is now facing a charge of wounding a police officer while resisting arrest.

Deputy Solicitor Riley Maxwell says findings based on viewing the surveillance video, body camera video, in combination with a statement of Campanelli was that Lieutenant Peter Jackson did not violate the law in his actions.

Maxwell says the body camera video, which has audio, shows Campanelli refusing to obey the officer's orders just before everything went down.

The case was turned over to SLED to investigate and the report was given to the Sixth Judicial Circuit to decide whether or not the Solicitor's office would pursue charges against the officer involved.

Campanelli bonded out of court and the two charges against him are pending.

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