TV host Wendy Williams faints during live taping

Popular daytime talk show host Wendy Williams says she's okay after a fainting spell during the live taping of her Halloween show Tuesday morning.

Dressed as Lady Liberty, Williams was preparing to introduce her yearly costume contest when she began to slur her words and step away from the seat she was sitting on.

The visibly shaken host's eyes became wide as she then fainted.

On Wednesday, Williams addressed her fainting spell to her audience. She said she fainted as a result of overheating in her costume. She recounted, through tears, how scary her experience was for her. She said her husband was backstage and immediately came out to help her but her focus at that time was on finishing her show, "like the champion I am."  After the show was over, Williams received medical attention from the paramedics and was given a clean bill of health.

The video of Williams telling her story was posted to her show's YouTube page.

Video of the event has been posted to social media.

Williams tweeted a statement after the event.

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