Need a job and want an adventure? Delta Air Lines is hiring 1,000+ flight attendants

Need a job and want an adventure? Delta Air Lines is hiring 1,000+ flight attendants

ATLANTA (WIS) - If you or someone you know is looking for a career change in 2018, Delta Air Lines has something for you.

The airline headquartered in Atlanta published Monday that they will have more than 1,000 available flight attendant positions.

But don't think you're a shoo-in. The airline gets more than 150,000 applications for this position a year, and it only gets more competitive after that. According to Delta, you'd have a better chance getting into Harvard, which had a 5.1 percent acceptance rate in 2016.

"Last year 150,000 applicants applied for roughly 1,200 coveted flight attendant jobs at Delta," the airline says. "After reviewing 35,000 video interviews and conducting 6,000 in-person interviews, fewer than 1 percent of applicants were selected – based on those odds, it's easier to get into an Ivy League school than to become a Delta flight attendant*."

And if you want to know what it's like, the airline is publishing a web series twice a week that follows five new flight attendants on the job.

"To give top talent a better understanding of just what it takes to join the best in the business, Delta is launching the 'Earning our Wings' mini-series," the airline said. "A new episode will post each Monday and Thursday to YouTube and the Delta News Hub for the next 10 weeks, chronicling the journey of five new hires as they make their way through the eight-week training program each new flight attendant must complete at Delta's Atlanta headquarters."

Good luck! And remember - the sky is yours!

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