USC student was determined to get on stage with Foo Fighters...a - - Columbia, South Carolina

USC student was determined to get on stage with Foo Fighters...and he did!

(Source: Pierce Tracy Edge) (Source: Pierce Tracy Edge)

15 minutes of fame! That’s what one USC student says it felt like after getting the chance to perform on stage with the Foo Fighters. They held a concert at Colonial Life Arena this week.

19-year-old Pierce Edge says he’s right under what you would call a die-hard fan of the Foo Fighters, and after seeing them pull concert-goers on stage at other shows, Pierce says he was determined to be chosen this time around.

The night of the concert, Pierce stood outside Colonial Life Arena for five hours just to be sure he could get as close to the stage as possible. He was wearing his lucky concert shirt, which he says stands out in a crowd. He also had the sign to match!

As the concert came to an end, Pierce says he was beginning to lose hope, but just minutes later one of the band members pointed him out of the crowd and called him on stage.

“Incredible, to just be up there with people you idolize. They say never meet your heroes because they could turn out to be terrible people. Not the case. Fantastic, amazing people,” Edge said.

He says he practiced for the big show on his pillow and mattress. He’s going to another concert next week and will likely be wearing the same shirt. 

Pierce is studying business at USC but says that doesn’t mean playing the drums is out of the picture.

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