Are you 'REAL ID' ready? What you need to know about your SC ID

Are you 'REAL ID' ready? What you need to know about your SC ID

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - South Carolinians will have more time to switch their driver's licenses over and make them REAL IDs, after the deadline for the DMV to follow federal law is extended to October 2018.

But what does this mean for you?

The 'REAL ID' is the new South Carolina ID or driver's license you will soon need if you plan to get on an airplane in the United States or get onto the military property. It's federal law enacted for extra security following terrorist attacks.

South Carolina hasn't yet been practicing this; the first 'REAL ID' hasn't been issued yet. Now, the DMV is getting ready for the change to start issuing them, as the Department of Homeland Security has just pushed the deadline for the DMV to print and issue the first one, to next October.

If the DMV can issue the first REAL ID before October 2018 and is deemed compliant, then South Carolinians will have until October 2020 to change their ID if they want to be 'REAL ID' compliant and use it to board domestic flights or get onto federal military facilities.

There's a lot of work that's going into making the switch. Staff urges anyone who wants the new compliant ID to go ahead and get the paperwork in now, even with this new extension.

"It gave us a little bit of 'Phew... AHA!' You know, we could exhale a little bit but we are still working diligently to meet the deadlines," SCDMV Director of Procedures and Compliance Annie Phelps says.

The documents it's going to take are two proofs of address like your current ID or a utility bill, one proof of citizenship like a birth certificate, a legal document proving any name change that applies, and proof of social security number.

The new REAL ID will have a star symbol on its face to show it's REAL, under federal standards.

As of Oct.15, 64,614 people have done that - but there are more than one million people on file who could make the change. So, to avoid a rush, it's best to get the documents proving your identity in as soon as possible to avoid long lines, staff say.

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