President Trump thanks 'talented guy' Gov. McMaster, talks taxes, NFL at ticket-only endorsement event

President Trump thanks 'talented guy' Gov. McMaster, talks taxes, NFL at ticket-only endorsement event

GREENVILLE, SC (WIS) - President Donald Trump thanked Gov. Henry McMaster and his wife, first lady Peggy McMaster, for being among the first to support his presidential campaign as a reason why he traveled to the Upstate to lend his support in McMaster's 2018 gubernatorial campaign.

"Thank you, everybody, this is a beautiful turnout for a friend," President Trump said.

Governor McMaster, along with his wife and family, welcomed President Trump to the stage to a thunderous crowd from the audience.

"This man has changed the world already in just nine months," McMaster said in an impassioned introduction, "and ladies and gentlemen, we're just getting revved up good and it started right here in South Carolina when he won that primary."

President Trump also mentioned and thanked his "friends" Rep. Joe Wilson and Sen. Lindsay Graham before going into his speech before railing against the fake news media, tax reform, healthcare, and the NFL.

"We are really focused on taxes. It's going to be the largest - the biggest - tax decrease in the history of our country. Bigger than the Reagan...and they like to call it 'tax reform,' but I like to call it tax cuts."

After arriving in Greenville to a solid crowd of supporters at the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport Monday afternoon, he was taken by presidential motorcade to the Embassy Suites in Greensville, where only donors were allowed to the $250-apiece event that was closed to the media.

"So Hillary today...she came out in favor of the NFL players kneeling," President Trump said. "I'm all in favor of people protesting if they want to protest - fine. But you know what, you don't protest during our National Anthem."

He continued to say he feels very strongly about the protesting and says it's "sad" and said he doesn't know why NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell won't do anything about it.

"The people of this country do not want to see disrespect for our flag, our anthem, and our country itself," the president said.

The president then, in jest, said, "Now, if I heard Henry McMaster was opposed to that view, then I would have to take away my endorsement."

The president also talked about military budgets, legislative success under his administration, and other successes since winning the White House.

Before the speech was over, members of the audience began calling for medical help for another audience member. President Trump acknowledged the fast-acting doctor to applause and thanked him for helping the ailing Trump/McMaster supporter.

President Trump praised the McMaster family, calling the governor "a talented guy" who showed him the ropes.

"He's doing really well," Trump said about the governor. "His poll numbers are fantastic, he is doing really well, people respect him and Peggy and the family. He is a terrific person, a terrific man, he works so hard - he loves South Carolina, he loves the people of South Carolina. I just want to say it is my honor to give my endorsement to Henry McMaster. He is going to be for many years a great governor."

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