Search and Rescue exercise puts first responders in real life situations

(WIS) - "The missing person has been found. He was located by one of our search and rescue teams in a field" said Glenn Hamm, South Carolina State Guard.

It's something that could easily happen in real life and it happens all of the time. A person goes missing.

"We have had people go missing not too far from where we stand here today in the Congaree Swamp," Hamm said

In fact, local agencies like the Columbia fire department is no stranger to Congaree river search and rescues.

However, the one on Sunday was just for practice.

"Our big goal in being out here today is to ensure that we are trained and ready to respond to citizens of South Carolina in a time of need," Hamm said.

South Carolina first responders are receiving hands-on training today for search and rescue missions that could happen at any time during the year.

It's part of an annual training by the South Carolina State Guard who help first responders prepare for any and everything in the woods and on the water.

Dozens of first responders from across the state spent the day searching for missing people along the Congaree River. The hopes are that this training is never needed - but that when it is, everyone knows how to work together as a team and they'll be ready to go.

"We are just a phone call away. We have numerous assets throughout the state," Hamm said.

Water rescues, K-9 search and rescue, high angle search and rescue and we will be happy to bring to any location in the state" said Christian Loga, South Carolina State Guard.

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