The bar formerly known as the Pour House could be reopening soon under new ownership

The bar formerly known as the Pour House could be reopening soon under new ownership

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A Five Points bar, once deemed a public nuisance, could soon be reopening under new ownership.

Pour House shut down earlier this year after a violent altercation that was all caught on cell phone video. Now, there's a note posted on the door that shows the potential new name, Five Points Roost and says that the new owners have applied for a liquor license.

The location may not have the best reputation, but some college students we spoke to are optimistic about the upcoming changes.

Video from the incident on March 19 shows a man being choked until he's unconscious. USC student Ryan Chisolm says he came to with a fractured jaw and needing more than a dozen stitches.

The bar was later shut down, and the bar's owner, Daniel Wells, was charged with assault. Several months later there are plans to reopen the bar under new ownership, with a new name.

"That's our favorite bar. We've been going there for a couple years now," USC student Taylor Bourguignon said. "We were so sad. We're still so sad. Downtown is not the same without it."

She says she hasn't been tainted by the bad publicity. She even misses Pour House.

USC student, David Littleton says it's a "Decent bar, I mean, I never really had any issues with it."

Another student isn't necessarily a fan.

"To me, they're all kind of the same, you know?"  USC student Nicolasa Dove says,

But she also says it wouldn't take much to see an improvement.

"Maybe the new owner won't, you know, pulverize customers," Dove said. "That's a big change that's important, but it probably won't change the kind of atmosphere it is. I mean, that's just Five Points after dark."

And for some, that's exactly what they're looking for.

"I like it. I mean, every bar has its name about something," Bourguignon said.

"Opening under a new name, new ownership – I don't see any reason why people wouldn't continue going there," Littleton said.

Before the incident in March, the city reports having to respond to this location more than 20 times in the last year. The city has confirmed that a business license application has been filed for this address, but has not yet been approved.

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