My Take: WIS is not owned by NBC, we control the message locally

My Take: WIS is not owned by NBC, we control the message locally

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Many of you out there are tired of the seemingly ceaseless rhetoric regarding fake news & President Trump. However, given the recent comments by the President, I'd like to take a moment and acknowledge the assertion that NBC and other credible news outlets fabricate news to further an agenda.

Quality, fair and unbiased reporting is paramount to a successful and accountable governmental body. That reporting is clearly protected by the First Amendment of our Constitution.

It is in our best interest to the WIS community to be truthful and fair in all our news coverage. To be clear, WIS is not owned by NBC.  We are affiliated with the network, but privately owned by Raycom Media. We control the message locally, and take that job very seriously.

The President has suggested challenging the license for NBC and other broadcast networks. With that consideration, it is evident the President is not up to speed on the Federal Communication Commission's licensing. The networks are not licensed by the FCC, the network affiliates, like WIS are. Our license is a privilege bestowed upon all of us here at the station to serve the people of the Midlands here in South Carolina.  Mr. President we ask you to focus on those issues that foster stronger local communities and the family unit, not some playground squabble and a war with words against the media. As a country, we're bigger than that.

Our credibility lies squarely in the you the viewer.   Our local news at WIS carries a big responsibility to maintain that credibility and thusly, the trust with all of you.

At WIS, we salute the flag and respect the Office of the Presidency and the decorum that this city and country deserves.  Mr. President you have a job to do, and so do we. We respect and trust that you'll run the country and make us stronger every day. Now we ask you, return the respect credible news outlets deserve. It is not only in the best interest of the country, it's in the Constitution. The very same constitution you swore to protect.

That's my take, what's yours?

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